Spirit Moves

I have seen an immense change in the Spiritual energy of the world. All manner of people are open to, and searching for, more understanding, more knowledge, and more guidance in their Spiritual beliefs and development. I have tried through my interaction with people to bring about those aspects.

It became very apparent after a clairvoyant demonstration, to which hundreds of people turned up, what a desperate void there was for somewhere for people to go to share their Spiritual beliefs, and I was asked by many people if I would consider starting a Spiritualist Church in the town.

After seeing the enthusiasm from people to be involved, I had no hesitation in starting the venture, and we began preparations to open our White Light Spiritualist Church.

This we did for the first time on the first Sunday in September in 2001, and to our amazement and joy, over 130 people turned up for the Sunday evening service held at the Community Village.

Two thirds of those people had never been to such a thing before, so it shows the thirst and quest for knowledge that people are experiencing.

For those who have never been to a Spiritual Church before, perhaps I can describe our programme.

We would have an opening meditation with music, which takes everyone out of their rush and busy thoughts into a relaxed and peaceful state of mind for the evening. We then going onto healing thoughts, for the world and for ourselves and those we love.

Then very much as any Spiritualist Church would, we have Invocation and prayers, followed by a reading by one of the ‘helpers’.

After that the ‘medium’ for the evening, will go on to give an interesting and hopefully beneficial address, followed by Spiritual Communion, which is linking with ‘spirit’, in order to bring close those loved ones who have ‘passed over’. To give proof that life and love continues after ‘death’.

Those who received links last meeting assured me they were thrilled and delighted with their ‘messages’.

The service will then end with a song, and benediction, after which we share a complimentary drink and food, so that everyone can mingle and share thoughts.

Our next meeting is on the 1st Sunday of any month, 6.30pm and I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to come and join us, and share the evening to see what it can bring to you personally.

We meet at the Community Village, 22 Earl Street, Coffs Harbour, 6.30 pm.

Children are also most welcome, with parents. So come along, and enjoy, or should you want to, please become more involved, just speak to one of the helpers.

For further information, Contact Me.

Love, Light & Blessings