Funeral Chaplain

Angela the Funeral Chaplain

Death is inevitable, and therefore a funeral is a practicality, which must be dealt with.
During my many years as a funeral Chaplain, I have discovered that unfortunately for the bereaved, few people think about or do anything to make plans for ones own funeral. Maybe it is fear of facing death or perhaps a superstition that to make plans beforehand may invite the circumstance?

It was many years ago when my own father died, that I first decided that one day I would somehow involve myself in the creation of ‘beautiful’ funerals.

My father was a lovely man, who had worked hard all of his life. He had achieved many things, overcome many difficulties, raised three children, after the death of his wife, my mother, eventually marrying again and having another daughter, and so on. He unfortunately died tragically, and my stepmother arranged the funeral.

My father had wanted to be buried with my mother, but nothing had been recorded to that effect, so my stepmother arranged a cremation, and a short service was held beforehand. It consisted of a rather ancient clergyman muttering a few words of religion, calling my father by the wrong name, and within 7 minutes pressing the button that took the coffin behind the curtain to cremation.

A man who had not even bothered to remember his name had gabbled through my father’s 62 years in a 7-minute service. I was distraught. Hence my mission to make things different. Some years later I was able to do that when I became a funeral Chaplain.

Now when bereaved people come to me to arrange a funeral for their loved one, I take the time to get to know as much information as possible about the deceased and also the bereaved family. I can then put together a service, which is a total celebration of the life of the departed person. A service at which all can pay their respects, remember their memories, laugh and cry, but most of all come away cherishing the life and memory of their loved one.

Though daunting, the practicalities of death are:

the law requires that death certificate is obtained.
the death must be registered.
arrangements must be made for the ‘disposal of the body’.
These practicalities need not be a chore, and over the years the matter of a funeral has become not only necessary for the dead, but also helpful for the living.

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Love, Light & Blessings