The Aura

My first connection with the Magical Dimension was in my very early childhood, at the age of about 3, when I first noticed that everyone seemed to be enveloped in beautiful colours. I asked my Father about the colours,but he simply thought I was referring to the colours people wore in clothing, or their hair colour.

I tried to explain to him that the colours were all around people, and in fact poured from them. He did not seem to understand, but humoured me when I began to refer to people as colours. I would say things like ‘Mrs so and so, the green lady’, or that I wanted a certain baby sitter because she was pink, or sometimes I would refuse to go with someone because they were ‘red’. Poor Dad had no idea what I meant, but I usually got my way.

After a while the colours began to mean something to me. I noticed that colour seemed to denote certain characteristics in people. For example, the ‘red’ people always seemed in a hurry, impatient or nervous sometimes aggressive, and they never had time for children. So I put them on my ‘avoid’ list.

The ‘green’ people were kind and balanced and had lots of time for children so I liked the ‘greens’. The violet/indigo people seemed to know everything, including what I was up to, so I was a little wary of them, but they were usually very playful. And so it went on, each colour seeming to have a general pattern of character. For many years it meant nothing more to me than a great way of knowing who was nice and who was not.

It was not until many years later that I discovered what it was that I saw around people.

What is the Aura? I am often asked. Well it is collection of electro magnetic energies of varying densities from the physical, etheric, mental,emotional and spiritual bodies which are part of us. It is an oval shaped field,like an egg around us, and it is cross sectioned like an onion,each layer telling different aspects of our being.

The first three layers relate to health and personality,whilst the outer two layers are to do with the mental and emotional state. Some auras are brilliant in colour and others quite faded, depending on the persons spiritual and or physical state.

All children can see Auras, often in their young state children will draw rainbows around stick figures.They are drawing what they see, which is the aura. Most children lose the ability after about the age of five,because of outside influence. Sometimes it is grown ups telling them not to be silly, or their energies become affected by the constant bombardment of other frequencies, television or computer games etc. scramble the child’s natural sixth sense.

A baby’s aura is simple and uncluttered, the crown is the portal where the universal energy enters the human system,and also the outflow for energy, back to the source. I have noticed that in the new born child a thread of light stays for several days connected to the crown of the babies head and going up into the ether. I believe it to be the child’s spiritual support system, and it only disappears when the child becomes totally connected to the physical state.

The absence of an aura means impending death, the aura is still there but so faded it can hardly be seen. Edger Cayce wrote about this when he described how he had been waiting for an elevator, and as it was arriving, he accidentally dropped his jacket.By the time he had picked it up, the elevator was closing and he missed it, but as it went he realised that inside there had been no ‘lights” around the people. No auras. Within seconds the elevator supports had snapped and it crashed many floors down, killing all of the occupants in the lift. Edger Cayce then understood what the absence of colour meant.

As a very small child, I was also party to a similar experience. When I was about five,my father had a visitor to the house, and when I met him, I asked the visitor if he was ill. He assured me that he was fine, but I told him that he was not and that he would die. I was immediately removed from the sitting room and the visitors presence, but after he had left, my long suffering father asked me why I said such things. I explained to him that I had not meant to be rude, but that his friend had no colours or ‘lights’ around him, so as far as I was concerned it meant he was ill and would die. My father told me not to make such comments. However about three weeks later, the man who had visited us, fell from a ladder at work and broke his neck. My Dad then realised that what I was saying meant something. Each morning when I came down for breakfast, he would say to me, ‘Are my lights on this morning sweetheart’.

If we think about the colours in the auric field, they make a lot of sense. Red for example. We use red as a warning colour, for stop lights. Or red has been for many years the colour associated with houses of ‘ill repute’ or red light districts, again bringing in the negative side of the energy. Red is automatically a colour which brings heat, so is associated with ANGER , indeed we should not put red around children as it produces aggression or inability too be still. It saddens me to see that some schools use red for school uniform, which is not good if we want calm children.

Orange in the aura is a mixture of red (physical) and yellow which is for the mental state, and is a good colour for repair and balance, it is a stimulating colour, and good for the digestive system. Yellow is very much to do with intellect and wisdom, and ‘yellow’ people are real talkers and love knowledge. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, which is to do with balance, or of course the negative side of that energy is imbalance, we have all heard the old saying ‘green with envy’. Green stimulates growth and renewal When people have cancer, the green in the aura is very faded, as the balance in the body is gone. A good colour for cancer sufferers to help restore the bodies balance is a soft apple green.

Blue is often in the aura of people who have very high ideals and standards and expect a lot of themselves. Many ‘blue’ auras are in the caring aspects of life, nurses and care workers because they give a lot of themselves and their ideals. Indigo in the aura is to do with intuition and sixth sense abilities. Depressed people have navy blue and black around the aura, whereas a high spiritual being radiates red, yellow, blue and violet.

Very high spiritual beings radiate all colours going into a white light, and that light can be seen for miles. Christ was painted by the masters with a white light around His head, which indicated His aura. Colours can be used in healing to help restore the bodies natural balance. We have all heard the old sayings such as ‘in the pink’ meaning someone is happy, or ‘feeling blue’ when someone is feeling rejected or let down. We can therefore use colour to restore energy.

For a condition such as high blood pressure (where the body has lost its control) use apple green, for low blood pressure dark green to help restore grounding. Cancer sufferers need PINK ( for self love) and apple green for balance. For any women’s problems, especially such things as cystitis use Indigo, its rays have healing power. Indigo heals in general.

Colour affects our moods, and used wisely will combat stress. As I have previously stated be careful with red around children. Their rooms should never be red. Cream holds back energy, and people will never really ‘flow’ when surrounded by creams, so watch this colour if you want stimulus in the workplace.

Grey is a fear colour, and brown restricts our energy dramatically, think of the Victorian era and its restrictions, brown was very much a colour favoured by the Victorians and Queen Victoria herself wore the colour constantly. Pink will help release, so anyone with grey tinging their aura needs some pink in their lives.
The subject matter of the aura is fascinating and endless, but my column has its limits.

I would ask readers to think about colours on a daily basis and use them wisely as they affect our entire flow in life. Watch out if going for a job interview, don’t wear red,especially if your qualifications are very high, the interviewers may feel threatened by you, and think you will end up with their job. I was offering that advice to the ladies, I think we all might feel a bit threatened if a gentlemen turns up for interview in a bright red suit.

Have fun, get well and enjoy life through colour.

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Love, Light & Blessings


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