With Angela, International Medium, Clairvoyant, & Healer

From childhood Angela has had the ability to connect into the magical dimensions of the spirit world, and is now well known as an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant/medium. For many years her gifted medium-ship and clairvoyance has been clearly demonstrated to thousands of people throughout Europe, America and Australia.

She is a registered Healer, and a professional therapist with many years experience in areas ranging from Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Remedial and Holistic massage, as well as being a Counselor and Sophrologist.

She runs successful therapy centers and seminars worldwide, and works actively to promote the understanding of health in mind, body and spirit.

My Work and How it Began

My work as a Clairvoyant/Medium and Healer takes many forms, and I meet so many people from all areas and walks of life

Angela’s Profile

Home Born in the United Kingdom, Nr Whitby, North Yorkshire, Captain Cook country. Crashing ocean and rolling purple heather moors. Went to school in the North of England. Family two older brothers and my father who passed into spirit when I was 18. Mother died when i was just 3. So, I was brought up...

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