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What is the Aura?

I am often asked by people ’What colour is my aura?’, or ’What is the aura?’

To go back to the beginning of my ‘seeing’ auras, it was very simplistic. As a child I saw colours around everyone, people were engulfed in colour. I had no idea what it meant, but I soon decided for myself that the colours had a meaning. Different colours seemed to denote different character, and some colours definitely seemed to represent people’s health and emotional state. As no one in my childhood seemed to have any answers, I began to form my own understanding of the meaning of the colours.

It was not until very much later in my life, that I heard the ‘colours’ described as the aura. I was in fact relieved to find that other people ‘saw’ what I had been seeing for years. I do hold seminars and courses where I talk about the aura and the many questions asked about it. The first being, ‘What is the Aura’.

Well in scientific terms it is a collection of electromagnetic energies of varying density, which emanate from the physical, vital, etheric.mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. These energy particles suspend from the body in a sort of oval shaped field, a like an egg, and extend from the body some several feet in some cases, to the sides and the top and bottom of the body.

I see the aura looking like an onion sliced in half with the varying layers forming different bands of colour, each one representing one of the areas described above. Then over the onion type layers I see an over wash of colour or colours, which denotes the general characteristic of the person.

There is also a separate auric body above the lower aura, which depicts the higher aura. This aura is often shown by artists of religious painting who depict the higher aura as a white halo or light around their subject.

Some of the questions people ask are:

  • Does everyone have an aura?
  • Are men and women’s auras different?
  • Do babies have auras?
  • Do animals have auras?
  • Can everyone see the aura?
  • Have I ever seen anyone who did not have an aura?
  • Does the aura change?
  • And one question I am asked all the time is do I see auras all the time; whenever I look at someone am I seeing their aura?

Let me answer that question first.

The answer is ‘Yes, I do see colours or the aura all of the time. When I look at someone it is his or her colours that first draw my attention. If I am in a crowded place or busy room, then everywhere is awash with colours. What I do not do at that point is become involved in the meaning of the colours. I just accept that the colours are there. If I absorbed everyone’s aura colours and meaning I would be swamped not to mention exhausted. I only delve into the auric meanings, when people ask, or if someone is coming to see me for a private clairvoyant/medium reading or for a healing session. At that point it is invaluable to help me describe the persons character or health etc.

I would have to own up to using my ability to see the aura when I am meeting people in business or for the first time in my private life, to decide if I would trust, or want to have them in my life. That can be very useful.

I would explain though that we all can ‘see’ auras in some way. Even if you do not actually see the colours, or the energy field, we ‘pick up’ peoples auric energy field. When we walk into a room, we may not know anyone, but we will be drawn to certain people, and repelled by others, even though we have not yet spoken to them. What we are doing is sensing the aura or energy field and responding accordingly. We are drawn to similar auras or frequencies, which is why in our general lives we are drawn to people like ourselves. Like attracts like.

For example in life, victim attracts victim, so if we are going through a lot of turmoil or emotion we tend to attract similar people to us. We then can commiserate wonderfully with them about whatever is happening, whether that be a broken relationship or horrible job, we can support each other because we understand how they feel or what they are going through. Sometimes it works slightly differently in so much that victim type energy will attract rescuer type energy, so that the rescuer is on a mission to heal or rescue someone’s life.

Sometimes people play through these roles all of their lives. The victim going from one rescuer to the next, in the friendship or relationship sense, and the rescuer going from one of life’s victim’s types to the next in the ‘Mother Teresa’ mission, where they feel comfortable in their ‘helping’ role I think perhaps we are all a victim or rescuer, which are you?

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Light and blessings


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